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Fusion Industry School 2023

In our second year we saw our numbers grow, with delegates coming from as far away as Canada and Japan as well as a growing number of UK companies attending.  We retained a similar highly-rated programme from the previous year, welcoming world-leading experts from UK, Europe, Asia and US, from universities, national laboratories, private fusion companies and government.

York Week Schedule – June 2023
Oxford Week Schedule – September 2023

In York, the panel session was particularly popular: “Meet the Experts: An International Perspective”.  Our panelists, chaired by Aneeqa Khan, gave a short overview of the progress of fusion in their area and then took questions from our delegates about current and future developments.

Panel Session at FIS 2023: “Meet the Experts: An International Perspective”

(From left to right) Aneeqa Khan, University of Manchester, Jiangang Li, IPP Hefei, Anne White, MIT,  Sabina Griffith, ITER, Siwoo Yoon, Korea Institute of Fusion Energy (KFE), Hartmut Zohm, IPP Garching, Matthew Hill, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)

“It was inspiring to see first-hand the collaboration across borders and industries to solve such a complex and stimulating challenge for the betterment of humanity” Peter Walker, Altrad Babcock

Site Tour of UKAEA Fusion Facilities FIS 2023



During the Oxford week, we were welcomed onto the Culham site for a tour of the UKAEA national fusion facilities.

We discovered more about how JET is controlled and maintained, visited RACE and learnt about the development of robots and machinery, and saw the laboratories where materials are tested.  I found the development of the human-robot interface was something I’d never considered in depth – training people to work with robots but also building robots to respond in a way that works best for their operator.



Feedback from our delegates particularly highlighted our high quality speakers and the opportunities for networking with other people working in fusion.  We get excellent comments about the content of the course, and how it gives a broad overview of fusion.  This is great to hear, as our aim for the Fusion Industry School is that you leave with a greater understanding of the wider picture outside your speciality and an overall background of the opportunities and challenges in this emerging industry.

“A marvellous (and efficient) way to bring yourself up to speed with all the essential areas of the fusion endeavour that lie outside your own immediate area, led by true experts in those areas” Stuart Wimbush, UKAEA

“I came to the Fusion Industry School with some scepticism, however it has given me a great appreciation of the technical challenges and explained how, with a great amount of industrial investment, we can develop technologies to meet those challenges and make fusion power a reality.” Chris Daniel, Jacobs

“It was an informative and thought-provoking week covering the engineering and challenges ahead for Fusion.  Great opportunity to meet and discuss with other disciplines and professionals in this sector” Sam Dunn, Optima Systems Consultancy.

Fusion Industry School 2022

The school consisted of lectures, networking sessions, panel discussions and Q&As and included a visit to the UK’s fusion facilities at Culham Science Centre, as well as the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre at Rotherham.

York Week Schedule, June 2022

Oxford Week Schedule, September 2022

We had some incredibly positive feedback from our first two events, particularly the quality of speakers.   89% of attendees rated themselves “very satisfied” with speakers overall and 100% said the Fusion Industry School met their expectations.

“It has given me a much broader understanding of fusion technologies and the issues raised.”Peter Williams (CRA Risk & Safety Consultancy)

“The School was a very comprehensive overview of the fusion industry, its current status and the challenges that need to be overcome.”Joe Large (Jacobs)