Fusion Industry School

Fusion Industry School 2024 – Open for Registrations

York: 17th – 20th June 2024
Oxford: 30th Sept – 3rd October 2024

The Fusion Industry School is a 2-week interactive programme of lectures from world-leading experts in fusion, aimed at providing an overview of the current progress and challenges to industry professionals. The programme has been developed by Fusion Centre for Doctoral Training and UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) with input from industry partners. The school consists of lectures, networking sessions, panel discussions and Q&As as well as visits to the UKAEA national fusion facilities.

The first week takes place in York and has an emphasis on the underpinning fusion science and technology.   The second week is in Oxfordshire and will build on this first week, emphasising more the engineering applications.   The programme is optimised for delegates attending both weeks, but you will still benefit if you are only able to attend one.  You do not need to have prior knowledge of fusion science and technology.

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The School was a very comprehensive overview of the fusion industry, its current status and the challenges that need to be overcome – Joe Large, Jacobs

A truly unique opportunity to listen to subject matter experts about the challenges and exciting progress being made on a comprehensive range of subjects regarding the fusion industry. – Peter Walker, Altrad Babcock. 

Everyone working in fusion knows about their area, but can’t easily see the whole picture. Fusion School demystifies and opens doors to allow for the bigger picture understanding. – Laura Hirschfield, Optima Systems Consultancy.

A great grounding in Fusion Fundamentals – Ben Mercer, UK Atomic Energy Authority

Aim of the Programme

Site Tour of UKAEA Fusion Facilities FIS 2023

ITER is expected to start operating later this decade; national demonstration fusion power plant programmes are accelerating around the world, such as STEP in the UK; and private investment in fusion companies is ever-growing with the drive towards the first commercial power plants. Fusion energy is entering its industrialisation era, and the associated supply chain must grow to deliver fusion to the market and, in the near term, benefit from the opportunities.

The Fusion Centre for Doctoral Training and UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) have worked with the fusion community to prepare a 2-week programme  created to meet the needs of the emerging fusion industry and associated supply chain companies and organisations, as fusion develops into the industrialisation era in readiness for commercialisation.


Lecturers are drawn from fusion experts in the UK and internationally. They will introduce you to the breadth of fusion technology and the essentials of the underpinning science, as well as provide you with an understanding of the international fusion energy landscape. In addition to the lectures and networking with other delegates and our PhD students, you will have opportunities to question and debate with leading experts in the field during panel discussions. As part of the school, we are organising tours to the fusion facilities hosted by UKAEA, which include the Joint European Torus (JET) fusion experiment, the MAST-U tokamak, Materials Research Facility and RACE robotics centre (exact tours currently to be confirmed for 2024).

The aim of the Fusion Industry School is to introduce you to the breadth of fusion energy. Thus, while the lectures will be technical, we will endeavour to ensure they are accessible to delegates from a range of backgrounds. Nevertheless, we anticipate that those with a physical sciences or engineering degree, or equivalent experience, will benefit most. No specific knowledge of fusion energy will be assumed.