Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

The Fusion CDT strives to create a diverse, inclusive, and equitable learning and research environment for students and staff across all partner universities, institutes and companies. We endeavour to recognise the inequalities and challenges faced by underrepresented groups in physics, engineering and material science, and to provide support to counter these challenges. We appreciate our centre’s role and responsibility in attracting and retaining a future fusion, plasma and energy sector workforce that reflects the diversity of the society it serves, and we aim to act beyond our own boundaries to influence and encourage good working practice throughout the sector. We expect students and staff to develop an understanding of the challenges that we face and enable them to be catalysts for change.

To that end we are creating a Fusion CDT framework that will guide us in our efforts to achieve these goals. These principles will be centred on three pillars: Equality (Equity), Diversity and Inclusion. We will draw on the experience and advice of experts, existing bodies and charters that have been set up to deal with the challenges we all face. Once this has been finalised it will be made available on the Fusion CDT website.

The Fusion CDT ED&I working group members are:

  • Dr Kirsty McKay (EDI Rep on the Management Board, Chair of EDI Working group (University of Liverpool))
  • Prof Howard Wilson (Head of the Fusion CDT, University of York)
  • Dr Karen Parkhill (Environment and Geography, University of York)
  • Ella Fox-Widdows (University of Liverpool PhD Student)
  • Liam Douglas-Mann (University of York PhD Student)
  • Emre Yildirim (University of Manchester PhD Student)
  • Charles Gurham (Durham University PhD Student)
  • Laura Wheatley (University of Oxford PhD student)
  • Christina Ingleby (University of York PhD Student)
  • Hillary Marshall(Fusion CDT Administrator)
  • Katy Welford (Fusion CDT Administrator)