Following registration at their host university, students will begin the course by studying a range of modules designed to equip them for PhD-level research. Many of these modules take place at York, and all students will be based at the York Plasma Institute to begin with (Materials Strand students for 3 weeks, and Plasma Strand students for 6 months), but there are also a number of short one-week modules based at the other universities of the CDT.

Students are then based at their own university for their research project, often with extended periods of research at one of the associated government labs.

In addition to the extensive body of courses offered, we host Frontiers of Fusion and Interfaces, an annual workshop. Frontiers features fascinating talks by well-known and well-respected external speakers. It’s an exciting week, as students from all cohorts (and their supervisors) gather for a scientific meeting exploring a range of fusion issues and how they link to related fields, such as fission, advanced instrumentation, technological plasmas, and more.

There will also be a student-run conference linked to the Collaboratory project in September each year.