The Fusion Centre for Doctoral training produces high quality, highly trained people. Our alumni go on to have successful careers both inside and outside of fusion. Industrial partners such as Amec Foster Wheeler, Frazer-Nash, and the National Nuclear laboratory, work with our CDT in an advisory role, through projects, and networking events. We believe that working closely with industry provides our students with a broader experience and allows them to gain insight and opportunities in the industrial world. The future of fusion also depends strongly on industries that are building next generation fusion devices having appropriately trained, highly skilled employees.

Opportunities for industry:

  • Direct collaboration through PhD projects
  • Opportunities for steer through the External Advisory Board
  • Teaching / learning
  • Mentoring students
  • Collaborative short projects
  • Industry networking events

Benefits to our students

  • Opportunities to interact with industry and increase industrially relevant skills
  • Experience short projects in an industrial environment
  • Demonstrate abilities to industries who are recruiting

Benefits to industrial partners

  • Access to high quality students for short projects / collaborations
  • Opportunities to train and influence the students
  • Opportunities to recruit high quality students
  • Opportunities for wider engagement with fusion research / academics


If you are interested in working with our Fusion Centre for Doctoral Training we welcome you to contact Dr Kate Lancaster who manages the industrial interactions for the York Plasma Institute.


Telephone: +44 (0)1904 324911