László Horváth

University Of York

The title of my project is ‘Isotope effects of the edge transport barrier of JET-ILW H-modes’. The JET tokamak is preparing to enter a phase of D-T experimental campaigns with both full tritium and deuterium-tritium operation. Together with the ITER-like combination of plasma facing components  this phase will address key aspects of operation with different hydrogen isotopes and will demonstrate ITER regimes in D-T. The project will focus on the analysis of JET-ILW H-mode pedestal data collected during the 2015/16 D-D campaigns and during the later campaigns in full tritium and D-T mixtures. JET will be in an excellent position for creating a high quality confinement and profile database suitable for studying core and pedestal contributions to the global confinement, to study the isotope scaling of the pedestal structure, to investigate the inter-ELM transport and the micro turbulence limiting the pedestal gradients.

Lazlo is now a Fusion CDT Alumnus

Linkedin Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/laszlo-horvath-ab2951102/