Fred Thomas

University Of York

I’m studying for a PhD in fusion reactor neutronics under the supervision of Dr. Lee Morgan (CCFE) and Dr. John Pasley (York). I am working with the Applied Radiation Physics group at CCFE. Future fusion power plants such as DEMO will produce extremely intense 14 MeV neutron fluxes, with components having to survive large lifetime fluences (time integrated flux). Work is already being conducted on modelling materials under 14 MeV neutron bombardment to discern their changing material properties. However, very limited work has been conducted on coupling neutron transport codes such as MCNP or Serpent with engineering analysis codes such as OpenFOAM or ANSYS to see what effect the neutron fluxes will have at a macroscopic or component level. This coupling of neutronics to, say, thermal hydraulics or other phenomena will constitute the start of my research.