Joseph Umpleby-Thorp

University Of York

I studied Natural Sciences concentrating on Physics and Chemistry at the University of Durham. I then completed the MSc in Fusion Energy at the University of York, realising a project studying the tensile properties of tungsten containing helium bubbles using molecular dynamics simulations.

Now starting the CDT, I will be supervised by Dr Andy Higginbotham. My project will be based on using machine learning techniques to analyse x-ray diffraction patterns produced from the responses of a variety of materials to high power dynamic compression. The experimental data will be produced using the European XFEL facility. The facility produces laser-like X-ray beams on the femtosecond timescale. These energetic pulses are used to reveal how materials deform at very high pressures and temperatures. Using machine learning we aim quickly analyse the results of these experiments, this will hopefully guide the experiments to more fruitful parameters and regimes, detecting patterns that would otherwise be missed. These experiments can be used to reveal the characteristics of early compression stages of ICF capsules