• How do you confine a Sun to a box?

    Jack Haley (Fusion CDT student based at Oxford) worked with animators to create a short film called ‘Materials for nuclear fusion: how do you confine a sun to a box?’....

  • Using binding blocks to explain fusion energy

    Hannah Willett recently finished her fourth year as a Fusion CDT student based at York. Whilst undertaking her PhD Hannah got involved with the ‘Binding Blocks’ outreach project and presented...

  • Control a tokamak interactively

    See what it’s like to control a tokamak

  • Fusion: Solving the energy problem

    VIDEO: Fusion at the University of York

  • Workshops

    WEB: Upcoming international workshops from FuseNet, the European Fusion Education Network

  • Fusion with marshmallows!

    ACTIVITY: Investigate how fusion in stars works…using marshmallows!

  • Fusion Videos

    VIDEO: A range of videos compiled by FuseNet, the European Fusion Education Network

  • Fusion 2048

    GAME: Follow the fusion pathways to win the game!

  • ITER

    VIDEO: Check out the progress on the construction of ITER, the worldwide project looking to take fusion to the next stage

  • A time-lapse look at JET

    VIDEO: Currently the world’s largest and most powerful tokamak, this video shows JET being prepared for experiments in 2015/16