Welcome to the 2020 Fusion CDT Cohort

Under the strange circumstances of a pandemic we welcomed the 2020 cohort to the Fusion CDT in October. The main teambuilding event had to be amended for virtual ones, due to social distancing measures. Not to be too disheartened, we scheduled a number of online social events to help with uniting of both staff and students one of which was “Who Dares Wins” in week 1. This was a fun introduction to the new group, which was followed up in week 6 with a remote teambuilding afternoon. One of our students had this to say about the experience;

Unfortunately COVID has impacted everyone’s ability to socialise in person, but luckily the CDT provided us with an online alternative that didn’t disappoint. We were separated into teams and challenged to complete a series of tasks against the clock. Wrong answers and skips costed us valuable points, and right answers awarded us many points. The social was great for a bit of non-work related entertainment and socialising in an informal setting. We had to strategise our tasks, but I think the drinks may have wounded us, as we came in last place! It was an excellent evening though and we all enjoyed being mentally challenged in different ways than expected from a mathematical / physical standpoint. I’m also greatly thankful to the CDT for setting it up and making it so easy to socialise!”….”It definitely got myself thinking more laterally which was challenging and really fun!“.