Welcome to the 2019 Fusion CDT cohort!

In September we welcomed our new cohort of Fusion CDT students across the five university partners. The plasma strand students spent the first few weeks of term together here in York studying their first taught modules, while the material strands students have been at their own partner universities. In weeks 4 to 6 the cohort came together in York, where they spent time together studying taught modules: Introduction to Fusion Plasmas, Introduction to materials and Computational Techniques.
As well as studying there has been time to socialise and gel as a group, one of these occasions was a team building afternoon on Tuesday 29th October at Hazlewood Castle. Activities included lawn games, archery and dart football before an evening meal at Ask Italian in York. Students said afterwards “Great fun all day and the chance to interact with everybody on the cohort” and benefits included “Wider connections with the other people involved in CDT such as the admins”.

The first year Fusion CDT students are all now at the University of Oxford where they will spend a week doing the Material Applications in Fusion module.

Some photos from the teambuilding afternoon are below.