Teambuilding afternoon for first year CDT students

On Wednesday 19 October 2016 the first year CDT students took part in a teambuilding afternoon at Sandburn Hall in York. The group were split into teams and completed a variety of challenges which included building, balancing and shepherding! This was followed by an evening meal at Ask Italian. The purpose of the event was to help the students get to know each other better and to build cohesion within the cohort.

Caroline, a first year CDT student based at York, said afterwards, “the teambuilding afternoon was really good fun, a great way to mix with the materials strand students and was followed by a lovely evening. All of the activities were well thought out and I particularly enjoyed blindfolded sheep herding and the wheelbarrow challenge”.

Jack, a first year CDT student based at Durham said, “being a Materials student and having only arrived in York a couple of days before, it was an excellent way to get to know my fellow CDT students and CDT staff too. All of the challenges were really well designed and they allowed everybody to get involved”.

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