Pride in London – July 2018

Following his participation in the LGBTSTEMinar that came to York earlier this year, Andrew Malcolm-Neale was asked to join PrideinSTEM* to march in Pride in London 2018. Andrew is a second year Fusion CDT student based in York – here is his report on the event:

This summer’s Pride in London saw the return of the group PrideinSTEM as one of the groups marching. Bigger and better than before, partly because I was with them, partly because they introduced ‘science busking.’ The organisation is a grassroots charity that campaign and run events under the banner of LGBT+ STEM. Their founder members first met at the LGBTSTEMinar when it came to York early this year and can be found all over LGBT science twitter. The science busking came about because of all the waiting around before, after and during Pride in London so various two minute demos of science were worked up. The ones that made the cut were gyroscopes, paramagnetism (copper tube) and holding up nuclear fuel and waste of a person’s lifetime (whole country fills less than half of St Paul’s.) The highlights of the day included “sci-fiving” people all down the route and getting the crowd in Trafalgar square chanting ‘science’ over and over”.

*For further info about PrideinSTEM events (e.g. outThinkers) and campaigns (e.g. LGBTSTEM day on 5th July) please see their website: