Fusion Frontiers and Interfaces Workshop 2017

This year’s Fusion Frontiers and Interfaces workshop took place at the York Plasma Institute from 08 to 10 May 2017. This is an annual postgraduate workshop exploring the frontiers of fusion research and the interfaces with related disciplines through presentations and discussion.
The workshop was attended by PhD students from the Fusion CDT, and also by students currently taking the MSc Fusion Energy at University of York. Attendees had the opportunity to interact with world-class international fusion scientists, to learn about front-line fusion science and technology and to explore future career options.
This year’s event featured a fascinating selection of speakers:
  • Thomas Klinger, Max Planck Institut fur PlasmaPhysik, Garching – W7-X stellarator status and plans
  • Ian Chapman, Culham Centre for Fusion Energy & UKAEA – CCFE’s role on the path to delivering fusion power
  • Mattias Marklund, Chalmers Institute of Technology – QED effects in high intensity laser-interactions
  • Manus O’Donnell, EDF Energy – The potential of small modular reactors
  • Paul Noonan, Tokamak Energy – Superconducting magnet technology for compact fusion
  • Colin Danson, AWE – AWE’s Orion Facility and its Academic Access Programme
  • Peter Hall, University of Sheffield – Development of energy storage
  • Rob Buckingham, Culham Centre for Fusion Energy – Remote handing for fusion
  • Richard Van De Sanden, Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research – Plasma materials interaction science at DIFFER
  • Andrea Sand, University of Helsinki – Radiation damage in materials
When the speakers finished on the Wednesday lunchtime, the Fusion CDT students then led their own conference for the rest of the week. The conference included talks given by the students about their research, a poster presentation session (pictures below), a hog roast social evening and dinner at a York restaurant.