Congratulations Matthew Selwood!

Congratulations to Matthew Selwood, a York Fusion CDT student who successfully defended his thesis at viva in July 2022. Matthew’s thesis is entitled, “Coded Aperture Imaging: novel approaches to high-energy high-resolution laboratory imaging” and his supervisor is Dr Chris Murphy.

What’s next for Matthew?…..  “ I am moving to Lawrence Livermore National Labs as a postDoc researcher, working with Tammy Ma and Jackson Williams on imaging particles generated by high rep rate short pulse laser systems”.

An abstract from Matthew’s thesis is below:

This work used coded aperture imaging systems to explore high-energy high-resolution imaging, in situations single pinholes begin to dwindle in usefulness.  It was found that the requirement for highly attenuating substrates is excessive for coded aperture systems, and when scatter and partial attenuation are considered (dubbed a CASPA).  This was applied to fast fusion neutrons from ICF experiments on NIF through simulations, and the maximum likelihood reconstruction techniques discussed for the new CASPA application.  Finally, the possibility of spectrally selective coded apertures was demonstrated for point-like locational sources.”.

Well done Matthew!