Aneeqa in the news

Fusion CDT alumnum Aneeqa Khan featured on Sky News recently, explaining the science behind the ITER project. Aneeqa joined the Fusion CDT programme in 2012 and completed her PhD based at the University of Manchester. She was then successful in gaining a Monaco Fellowship as a postdoctoral researcher at ITER, which she began in December 2016.

You can see the Sky news item on YouTube here:

I asked Aneeqa to tell me more about working on ITER……

While at ITER, I have learnt a lot about how large organisations work and as the leader of the Women’s Network Group at ITER I have had the opportunity to meet many extraordinary women in the field of Nuclear fusion, and also the nuclear industry in general. I hope to encourage more people from underrepresented and minority backgrounds to pursue careers in the field of nuclear fusion.

The Fusion CDT gave me a broad foundation in the field of fusion science, and additionally allowed for extensive networking with prominent members of the fusion community. This was not only helpful for collaborations during my PhD, but was also useful when looking for jobs within the field.”