Theo Gheorghiu

University Of York

I completed my MEng at Imperial College London in 2020, presenting my thesis concerning the investigation of a set of possible perturbation sources in inertial confinement fusion capsules, based on recent observed phenomena named ‘meteors’ which are associated with degraded performance.


I have moved into MCF on the basis that it seems more feasible to extract usable energy than in ICF – a key issue for the future of fusion. Needless to say, success guarantees the energy needs of humanity for millennia, and would provide an energy dense power source ideal for expansion into the solar system at the very least. 


The project, “Numerical Investigation of Plasma Turbulence and Filament Dynamics in Three-Dimensional Tokamak Geometries” will be supervised by Dr. Benjamin Dudson of York, and Professor Fulvio Militello of CCFE – this will involve investigating plasma characteristics and field structures in the SOL and near the divertor, which is very relevant to energy transfer from the fusion plasma, and so is particularly exciting.