Steve Biggs

University Of York

I completed an MSci in Physics at the University of Nottingham in 2008. I then worked for an engineering consultancy in the nuclear industry for 6 years, followed by 1 year with a software company in the energy sector.

After that, I studied for an MSc in Fusion Energy before beginning my Fusion CDT position.

My PhD project will use the gyrokinetics code GS2 to investigate plasma microinstabilities in tokamaks. Microinstabilities drive plasma turbulence, which degrades confinement through increased particle and energy transport. This project aims to quantify the properties of various microinstabilities and include simulated diagnostics in GS2 to facilitate comparison with experiment.

In my spare time, I enjoy heavy metal music, hacking my phone and laptop with open source software, and spending time with my family.

Steve is now a CDT Alumnus.