Philip Bradford

University Of York

My PhD project is entitled An All Optical Platform for Magnetised Inertial Fusion and HEDP Research and is supervised by Prof Nigel Woolsey. I will be studying how external magnetic fields can be applied in Inertial Confinement Fusion to help ignite fuel capsules and improve their yields. The addition of a magnetic field is thought to suppress adverse hydrodynamic instabilities and electron heat conduction within the capsules, as well as help with the confinement of thermonuclear alpha particles. Through computation and experiment, I will analyse how strong magnetic fields can be generated using miniature laser-driven electromagnets (an all-optical platform for magnetised HEDP); this will then be combined with high energy density physics research to address a wide variety of problems in the fields of ICF and astrophysical plasmas.

Philip is now a CDT Alumnus

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