Peter Ryan

University Of Liverpool

I am a PhD student based at Liverpool University. Prior to the CDT I completed a Masters in Natural Sciences (Physics and Maths) at the University of Nottingham.

Project title: ‘Electron diagnostics for edge plasmas’. Supervisor: Dr Bowden.

Conditions in the diverter regions of tokamak plasmas and close to wall surfaces are very different to those in the core plasma regions. Plasma measurement methods designed for the core plasma are often unsuitable for these edge plasma conditions and alternative techniques are required. This primarily experimental project will explore the problem of making unambiguous measurements of electron properties in low density, low temperature magnetised plasmas. In the first stage of the project, electron properties will be measured in magnetised discharge plasmas using conventional electrical probe methods and laser Thomson scattering. The results of probe measurements will be calibrated using the more accurate laser methods, and probe theory will be examined for the possibility of extending it to allow better interpretation. Later stages of the project may involve measurements in the diverter regions of MAST or the linear plasma device at York.