Lizzie Mushangwe

University Of Oxford

I’m currently based at the University of Oxford under the supervision of Angus Wilkinson, David Armstrong and Christopher Hardie (UKAEA). My research is centred around the neutron irradiation of reactor alloys, specifically aiming to understand multiscale neutron irradiated alloys during the plastic region of deformation, and at relevant high temperatures.

The resultant neutrons caused by the fusion reaction contain a high probability of harming reactor components (through effects such as ballistic damage and transmutations) thus altering essential mechanical properties. Therefore, research is required into neutron damage in order to increase the longevity and life span of future reactors. With this project, I hope to use my DPhil and Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering towards the materials and neutronics sector of the nuclear fusion industry. In doing so, hasten the pace of bringing functioning fusion reactors into reality.