Joe Allcock

Durham University

I am a PhD student based at Durham University.

Coherence Imaging Spectroscopy (CIS) is a novel plasma diagnostic technique that uses the Doppler shift of impurity line-emission to produce time-resolved flow and temperature measurements of a plasma. Fundamentally, CIS is an application of ‘Fourier transform spectroscopy’. The application of this widely-used technique to the field plasma diagnostics was first implemented by the plasma research laboratory at Australian National University.

Following a successful demonstration on the Mega-Ampere Spherical Tokamak (MAST) during its 2013 campaign by a previous Fusion-CDT doctoral student, my current work aims to develop CIS instrument calibration and to take measurements on China’s HL-2A tokamak. Moving further ahead, plasma operations on MAST-Upgrade will begin in 2017 and my project aims to employ the CIS diagnostic in dedicated experiments on this new device.