James Beal

University Of York

I am studying for a PhD under the joint supervision of Prof Kieran Gibson (York) and Dr Anna Widdowson (CCFE). My research focuses on erosion, deposition and material migration on JET, where I will be based for the majority of my project. The erosion of tokamak walls by physical, chemical and thermal mechanisms is strongly dependent on the wall materials used. In 2010, the carbon wall of JET was replaced with beryllium in the main chamber and tungsten in the divertor, with this ‘ITER-like wall’ providing the first test of the material combination to be used in ITER. The erosion/deposition under ITER-like wall operation is characterised with reference to plasma configurations and parameters, and compared to carbon operation. This work uses a combination of post-mortem surface analysis techniques, empirical modelling and in-situ diagnostics such as rotating collectors and quartz microbalances.