Jakob Brunner

Durham University

My project involves the development of FPGA based high bandwidth diagnostics. Two main diagnostics will be my focus.

1. The new CO2-HeNe integral electron density interferometer for MAST-U. This system is designed to measure MHz fluctuations of the plasma density and act as a low latency real time protection system support. With MAST-U startup being postponed, the system will most likely be tested at the York Linear Device.

2. Improvements to the Synthetic Aperture Microwave Imaging diagnostic. This diagnostic’s FPGA system was originally developed by Billy Huang and Roddy Vann. I will be adding the capability to measure 5s+ active probing data and develop near-field inversion techniques to implement this system on NSTX-U.

I am based at the University of Durham under the supervision of Prof Ray Sharples and Prof Nigel Dipper, who are both in the field of Advanced Instrumentation. However I will be working “on site”, i.e. at CCFE, for the larger part of my studies.


ORCID ID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-0974-0457