Jack Leland

University Of Liverpool

I am a CDT student under the joint supervision of Prof James Bradley at the University of Liverpool and Dr Sarah Elmore at the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy CCFE.

Langmuir probes are a type of diagnostic equipment used to monitor the fluxes of power and particles to plasma-facing surfaces in fusion devices. The MAST-Upgrade tokamak has 850 probes of novel design throughout its plasma facing surfaces, and I will be simulating the behaviour of these probes using highly parallelised particle-in-cell codes. The simulations will be based initially on those from another successful PIC modelling project and then developed significantly to increase our understanding and interpretation of the data collected by these probes, thereby improving the quality of the measured plasma parameters in MAST-U. In addition, I will be investigating a number of alternative Langmuir probe tip geometries, both experimentally and with simulations, in both the MAST-U divertor and the linear device Magnum-PSI.