Eduardo Solis Meza

University Of York

I am a PhD student on the Fusion CDT programme, based at the University of York. I completed my undergraduate degree at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (The National Autonomous University of Mexico). I am currently working at The York Plasma Institute Laboratories (YPI Labs) in the Extreme Ultra-Violet (EUV) Laser under the supervision of Dr Erik Wagenaars and Dr Greg Tallents.

My research is focused in the study of the propagation of ionisation waves in gas targets. Particularly, the study of the photo-ionisation of a He gas target and the study of EUV laser transmission through different thickness of gases. The laser facility in the YPI Labs is a unique EUV light source in the UK based on a collisional excitation state. In this scheme, the amplification is generated by excitation of an Ar-filled capillary channel with a fast discharge current pulse. Lasing occurs by means of Ne-like argon ions on a 3p-3s transition, this produces a coherent wave at 46.9 nm with an output energy up to 1 mJ energy in pulses of 1.5 ns. This work will require the construction and characterisation of a gas jet target and the setup of an interferometry device to study the laser-plasma process.