Chris Underwood

University Of York

I am an experimental Ph.D. student at the University of York under Dr Chris Murphy. I am investigating the production of high energy X-ray sources, with particular view to applications. Applications require that these sources are created in a stable manner at high repetition rate.

This work involves simulation work, with both PIC (EPOCH) and fluid codes (openFOAM), to optimise the production of electron bunches from laser wakefield acceleration, and then monte-carlo simulations (Geant4) to look at the X-ray spectra produced. High repetition rate detectors are being developed and with them I hope to characterise these sources experimentally.

I am also involved in some Strong Field QED experiments to understand how electrons lose energy through radiation in an intense laser field. In strong fields, the electron radiates a measurable fraction of its energy which, in turn, affects the motion of the electron (radiation reaction). We expect this effect to play an increasingly significant role at future high-intensity laser facilities.

Chris is now a CDT Alumnus

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