Charlie Vincent

Durham University

Having completed an MPhys at the University of Manchester I am now studying for a PhD under the supervision of Prof Ray Sharples and Dr Roddy Vann. My project will use FPGA’s for data acquisition and processing, the primary focus of which is the synthetic aperture microwave imaging system (SAMI). This diagnostic has now been upgraded for deployment on MAST-U (the upgraded spherical tokamak near completion at Culham Centre for Fusion Energy) and NSTX-U (the upgraded tokamak at Princeton in the US). This project will focus on improving and adding functionality to the SAMI diagnostic, possibly leading to integration with other systems. Also included in the project is the development of a data acquisition system for a new Doppler backscatter diagnostic under development for installation on MAST-U in the near future. As this system should also produce high data rates, FPGA’s are well suited for the task of real-time data handling.

Charlie is now one of our CDT Alumni.

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