Arkaprava Bokshi

University Of York

I completed my Masters in Fusion Energy at the University of York in 2012, and have stayed on to do a PhD. Broadly speaking, my research area is Turbulence in Plasma, and I am working under the supervision of Prof Howard Wilson.

As such turbulence is one of the least understood phenomena – coupled with the fact that this chaotic turbulent behaviour is responsible for throwing out heat and particles from the plasma containment system (thereby cooling down the plasma) – one can well understand why scientists are struggling to resolve the outstanding physics issues on the way to delivering commercial fusion energy.

There are many theories that try to model this turbulent transport. I am working with the Ballooning Theory, that tries to explain the transport in terms of an instability that arises due to a Gradient in the Ion-Temperature (ITG mode). My research involves modifying and solving the relevant ballooning equation(s) in an attempt to understand the underlying causes of turbulent transport a little better.