Management Board

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Student Rep: Andrew Malcolm-Neale

University Of York

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Student Rep

Equality the legal aspect of equal opportunity; ensuring people are not treated differently or discriminated against, harassed or victimised because of innate characteristics

Diversity means a culture of recognising and valuing difference including representation

Inclusion refers to an individual’s experience of the workplace and implementing policies to ensure all feel valued and we are responsive to their needs.

The ED&I representative for the CDT is a student role in the same way that each year group has representatives who advocate for postgraduates on the course and are a voice connecting them to staff. With taught courses based in York, the role has strong overlap with the Department Equality Committee of York Physics. The ED&I representative primarily takes student concerns about accessibility and respect at work (equality and inclusion) to the CDT management.  They also have a role in driving and promoting the CDT’s ED&I policy and strategy changes. Individual complaints follow a separate reporting procedure.